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Peterson Navel Orangeworm Trap

Peterson Traps are environmentally friendly and safe for your workers. Organic orchards and sensitive areas around schools, and residential populations are excellent sites for mass trapping.

By introducing Peterson Traps to your resistance management program, 

you will be utilizing the first truly new adulticide mode of action in 25 years!

What Can The Peterson Trap Do For You?

In almond, pistachio, and walnut orchards, IT WILL....

Save time and money.

Rather than spending the time to count 150 eggs per week, 

you would only need to count the number of females caught per trap.

NOW population data is more accurate.

Egg traps yield unmanageable variations of data. Peterson trap data is more 

specific and can predict the need for sprays and harvest damage earlier. 

Collected data can also determine if there are moths flying in from neighboring orchards.

Attract, Trap, and Kill NOW females.

By bringing the female to the lure, she does the work. Instead of laying eggs on your crop, 

the females and newly hatched NOW are killed when caught in the sticky trap bottom. 

By eliminating multiple generations with one trap, Peterson traps are like having a 4 month 

pesticide treatment that effectively reduces aflatoxin.

Maintain the efficacy of treatments while reducing reliance on insecticides and pesticides.

Be ahead of the curve as the EPA deems more products dangerous for acute toxicity or VOC issues. In some cases, treatments such as pyrethroid, organophosphate, and carbamate can be bypassed. The collected moth trapping data indicates when, where, and how much to treat orchards -- if at all!

Large scale mass trapping can reduce 

NOW populations in an entire area . . .

get your neighbors involved!

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