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NOW Adult Moths
Peterson Trap With Trapped NOW Adult Moths
NOW males and females along with some other flies, Photo by J.E. Nay
Some traps occasionally catch as many 30 moths in a week. When traps are like this, it is often due to a wild virgin female calling the males and not just the bait attracting females. However, it is possible for a trap to attract only females.
NOW Adults Mating
NOW adults in copula, Photo by J.E. NayNavel Orangeworm will mate whenever the light is right. Often, this takes place during the 3-4 hours before sunrise. A mated female can lay as many as 300 eggs in her 7-10 day adult life span.
NOW Female On a Walnut Leaf
NOW female on Walnut leaf, Photo. by J.E. NayWhenever you see NOW during the day, the ranch probably has a serious problem.
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